Collect Data and Insights in-store

Hundreds of consumers enter in your stores every day, so why don’t you seize this opportunity to collect constantly updated data and insights from your customers to make strategic and operational decisions in real time?

Data and insights are key to understanding consumers both to have a general view of your brand and to understand people who enter in each single store.

Gamify your surveys

Thanks to the Gamified Surveys, consumer analysis begins at the point of sale and engages in a game-like experience, building customer loyalty while you collect useful data to better understand people insights.

Engage and build loyalty with a turnkey project

Our customers benefit from the full potential of Hyper-local Retail Insights by easily activating one or more in-store Gamified Surveys, accessible via QR code from smartphones, or using a tablet available on-site.

Data tracking is continuous and each touchpoint has an individual data visualization link updated in real time. The headquarters periodically receive aggregated reports.
You check the data, we take care of the rest.


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