How to use Analytics and Insights: learn the differences

In a data-driven world, companies not only need to receive data, they need insights that can be immediately used for strategic decisions. So what is the difference between analytics and insights and what opportunities does their analysis offer?

Insights | 29/03/2023

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Consumer Centric Analysis: The Kaleidoscope of the Consumer

Evaluating only a few aspects of consumer personality and buying habits can lead to strategic evaluation errors, resulting in communication, product and positioning mistakes.

The solution to this problem is to implement multiple analyses that reveal the many facets of the consumer.

Insights | 10/03/2023

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Data is just a commodity

Analysis and Research | 28/08/2023

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Leveraging all touchpoints to analyze consumer insight

Analysis and Research | 24/07/2023

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Consumer Cluster Analysis: Why should you analyze the consumer journey?

Analysis and Research | 12/07/2023

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