From point of sales to point of experience

Imagine walking into a store of your favorite brand: the shop assistant greets you with a smile, while music plays in the background as you browse the shelves.

You are looking at the items on display while humming a song, when the clerk invites you to play “Shoppingopoly” for the chance of winning a prize.

All you have to do is scan a QR code and answer a survey to win a prize. At the end of the survey you spin the wheel of fortune and… You win!

One in a thousand, today is your lucky day!

Finish your shopping and go to the checkout to collect your prize.

What happened while you were playing?

While you were having fun, you answered a Gamified Survey, which allowed your favorite brand to track your preferences, along with those of thousands of other people who played in other stores around the world.

Retail Managers and Consumer Insight Managers can now track insights from each store through dashboards that are updated in real time as you and other consumers are engaged and your brand loyalty grows.

The pitfalls of data enrichment

With the rise of Consumer Data Platforms, B2C companies realized how much information they could collect from their consumers and how complex it is to build a database in compliance with privacy regulations, especially when operating globally.

Furthermore, they very often focus only on collecting data and analytics online, not considering that hundreds or thousands of people enter their stores every day, which can provide important insights.

From shop to interactive touchpoint

How do we convince people who are enjoying a point-of-sale shopping experience to spend time providing us with information and insights that are strategic to our brand positioning?

When we talk about in-store engagement we usually think of interactive dynamics used to entertain our customers and increase brand awareness.

What often goes unnoticed is that, thanks to digital technologies, even a survey at the point of sale can become engaging and exciting, consequently increasing awareness and brand image. Gamified Surveys use the same interactivity and engagement as video games, turning basic and boring questionnaires into playful moments.

By combining all the levers typical of video games, you can maximize the effectiveness of surveys and create a true game-like effect, which also leads to increased redemption and reliability of consumer surveys.

The respondent is physically at your point of sale: you can be sure of the reliability of their feedback.

Hyper-local retail insights

Thanks to the Hyper-local Retail Insights project, InTribe provides you with a useful solution to track consumer data and insights from each one of your stores throughout the year, in compliance with marketing campaigns and privacy laws.

Hyper-local Retail Insights adapts to every business need and communication style.

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